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Leverage our proprietary AI-boosted liquidity engine for market or better pricing. When we price better than market you get the savings.

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Bid Offer Optimized Spread Technology (BOOST)

Our proprietary Boost liquidity engine aims to provide our clients with better prices than the market. How does it work? BOOST is integrated into the order book and actively scans for opportunities to provide more competitive pricing than our liquidity providers.

By using a quantitative approach to analyze incoming bids and offers, coupled with machine learning and a data-driven approach, BOOST is able to consistently find the best price for you. This innovative technology enables us to provide our clients with significant cost savings compared to traditional market pricing.

Get Better Prices with BOOST: Save More with your Trading

The BOOST liquidity engine is a sophisticated technology piece that uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to monitor the market in real time and provide better than market pricing. It constantly tracks the prices of various assets and identifies opportunities for offering pricing to our traders at optimal prices.

By leveraging this technology, BOOST is able to offer you better pricing than the market, which means that you can save money on your trades. This is especially valuable in today's fast-paced financial markets, where prices can fluctuate rapidly and small price differences can add up to significant savings over time.

This translates to real savings for you, which can add up significantly over time.

Improve Your Trading Performance with BOOST's Better Pricing

Trading on better prices means cost savings, making your capital more efficient and helping you achieve trading goals more effectively. Even small savings on each trade can add up to significant profits over time, increasing your profitability by capturing more of the market's price movement.

The better pricing provided by the BOOST liquidity engine can also reduce your trading risk and improve your risk management. By lowering your trading costs, you can lower the breakeven point of your trades and require less market movement to make a profit, reducing your risk exposure and improving risk management.

Improved pricing can help you implement more sophisticated trading strategies that were previously unfeasible due to higher trading costs. By reducing trading costs, you can achieve your trading objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Enjoy a More Seamless Trading Experience with BOOST

One of the advantages of using the BOOST liquidity engine for trading is that you don't need to do anything to receive the benefits. We've done the work on our side making it easy to incorporate into your trading workflow.

The BOOST liquidity engine operates in the background, continuously monitoring the market in real-time to provide you with optimal pricing. When BOOST is finding optimal prices on certain products, you'll be hard pressed to find a broker with better spreads at the time.

The engine's advanced algorithms and data analysis can also help to reduce slippage and improve execution times. This means that your trades can be executed more quickly and at better prices, reducing the risk of missed opportunities or unfavorable market movements.

Capture More Opportunities with BOOST's Competitive Pricing

With access to more competitive pricing than the market, you can capture more trading opportunities as there's more money saved in your account when trades are filled by BOOST.

By capturing more opportunities in the market through better pricing and cost savings, traders can gain a competitive edge and stand out in the market, ultimately helping them to achieve their investment objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Why we developed BOOST for our traders.

Market or Better Pricing is a Game-Changer.

"BOOST delivers market or better pricing, providing our clients with a competitive edge and improved trading results."

Innovation in Trading Technology.

“BOOST represents the forefront of innovation in trading, offering a more seamless trading experience and better pricing for our clients."

Popular BOOST FAQs

Is the BOOST engine always on?

Boost is usually active during normal market sessions and is switched off over daily rollover and news releases. Our aim is to keep boost running 95% of the trading sessions.

Is BOOST active on all pairs and products?

BOOST is currently available for majority of the currency pairs that Afterprime offers. We intend to continue adding more pairs and products in the next releases.

Is BOOST available for all trading styles?

BOOST is available for most trading styles. When deciding if a strategy can trade on BOOST we do not look at client profitability. Some arbitrage strategies will be allowed to trade on BOOST however strategies with 'sharp flow' or 'toxic markouts' may be notified that they cannot trade on BOOST pricing.

What is considered 'Sharp Flow' or 'Toxic Markouts'?

Generally an account that has trades that go instantly into profit can be considered 'sharp flow'. We would suggest researching terms such as Toxic Markouts, Informed Trading, Flow Toxicity, Sharp Flow as it relates to liquidity providers.

What happens if my account is considered Sharp Flow?

We will email you and let you know that your account cannot trade on BOOST pricing. Your account will then only trade direct with our liquidity providers.

Is BOOST considered a liquidity provider?

It can be considered a liqudity provider as it prices into the order book and aims to get better pricing than the market.

Can I opt-out of BOOST pricing?

Certainly, although you will be missing out on the benefits of better pricing. To opt-out of BOOST pricing your trades please raise a ticket at [email protected]

Will BOOST have any updates?

BOOST has been released as version 1.0. We are actively working on increasing the performance and functionality of BOOST to get even better pricing for our clients over time.

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